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Life, Disability, Trauma and Income Protection insurance to protect your income and your assets.

Without the necessary planning in this area, your business, and your family and business associates, may be exposed to unnecessary financial risk. Buy/Sell, Partnership Insurance, Asset, Loan & Revenue Protection, Group Policy, Group Superannuation.


'Protecting the things that mean the most to you.'


Our objective advice always takes into the account what the client’s needs are and our advice process starts with the end in mind to ensure we assist our clients to meet their objectives not ours.


To provide personalised initial and ongoing advice to protect your personal wealth and assets in the event of, 

  • Accident or illness that prevents you from working

  • An untimely and unexpected death

  • A total and permanent disability preventing you from working indefinitely 

  • A diagnosis of a critical illness or you suffer a traumatic event 

At Regional we give advice in relation to ownership of your insurance, benefit amounts and also Financial Planning Tax advice on the most suitable and affordable way to pay your premiums.

We pride ourselves on our prompt response time and our ability to utilise a range of quality insurance providers across the market.

​Providing personalised Business and Key Person protection advice to small or large businesses.


The aim is to protect your businesses cashflow with the inclusion of capital protection of your assets and revenue protection for the loss of any key personnel.  Funding of Buy/Sell Agreements for new and existing partnerships is a key area of our business protection expertise. 

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